Certified Firefighter/EMT-B Job Available

The Town of West Hartford Announces an Open Competitive Examination For the Position of





This is general duty fire prevention, fire protection, and firefighting work in combating, extinguishing and preventing fires, doing rescue work and providing emergency medical care in cases of emergency. Assist in the maintenance of equipment, stations, and apparatus. The Firefighter works under the general supervision of a company officer.



The open and continuous recruitment process is designed to allow properly certified firefighter/EMTs to apply to work for the Town and be hired whenever there are vacancies with the Fire Department. For the purposes of this posting, certified means that the candidate must have attended and passed the CT Fire Academy’s Recruit Firefighter program or a comparable full-time recruit program.

This process is only for applicants who are currently certified firefighter/EMTs. Applicants who do not possess both firefighter certification and EMT certification must wait for recruitment processes which clearly remove this requirement. Please do not apply unless you possess all of the required certifications, licenses, and qualifications listed below as your application cannot be accepted. All persons who meet all of the following minimum qualifications are encouraged to apply.

The West Hartford Fire Department is anEqual Opportunity Employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

 Age: Eighteen (18) years of age. Please state your date of birth in the appropriate space on the application. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify your application for the position.

 Education: Graduation from a standard high school or a recognized general education equivalency (GED).

 Required License/Certifications: In order to apply for the open and continuous certified firefighter/EMT process, you must possess the following licenses, certifications or qualifications. Candidates must possess all criteria below at the time of application and evidence must be submitted with the application:

1. Valid Driver’s License.

2. Current EMT-B certification (NREMT).

3. Candidates must have completed the Connecticut Fire Academy’s Recruit Program (or a comparable equivalent recruit Firefighter program).

a. For those candidates who have completed a Recruit Academy within five years of application, evidence of academy graduation is sufficient to continue in the hiring process and if hired, will not be expected to attend a recruit academy for WHFD.

b. For those candidates who completed their Recruit Program over five years from the time of application, an additional evaluation is required before the candidate can be appointed to the position. Candidates in this situation will be considered if:

i. They have been employed full time by a career department (within one year of application) and, ii. Their most recent assignment from such department was firefighting duties, and, iii. The candidate currently possesses Firefighter II certification. iv. Candidates must clearly explain in their application how they meet these criteria to be considered and will be given a firefighter skill assessment to demonstrate competency prior to proceeding in the hiring process. v. Based upon a satisfactory skills assessment and provided the noted criteria are met, a candidate on this track who is moved forward and subsequently hired, will not be expected to attend a recruit academy for the WHFD.

4. Evidence of physical ability is required. Candidates must either possessing or obtain Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) certification prior to appointment. Candidates who apply without evidence of CPAT will not be moved forward past the written test until a current and valid CPAT certification is provided . Current and valid means the CPAT certification must have been issued within one year prior to date of presentation to West Hartford. Notice of Continuing Requirements: EMT-B certification must be maintained for the candidate’s entire career as a condition of employment.


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