Yale University Job Opportunities!

Yale University Job Opportunities Available!


NAACP is committed to assisting the community in the expansion of economic empowerment among African Americans and other communities of color.

We aim to implement local efforts to promote the growth of business ownership and increasing employment and job creation.

Below are a few job opportunities available at Yale University.

Managerial & Professional:

Clinical Researcher - https://bit.ly/2YXUMsj.

Security Manager - http://bit.ly/2SiKmiW

Clerical & Technical (Local 34)

Senior Administrative Assistant – http://bit.ly/Sr_Admin_Neurology

Financial Assistant – http://bit.ly/Fin_Asst_Derm

Clinical Technologist - http://bit.ly/Clin_Tech

Service & Maintenance (Local 35)

Banquet Server - http://bit.ly/Banquet_Server

Casual Dining Worker - http://bit.ly/Per_Diem_Dining

Please click the below link to see all open positions:


2 thoughts on “Yale University Job Opportunities!”

  1. Hello, my name is Kaela Clark. I have applied to both of the dining applications. They are still on file, I have constantly been sent reviewed for further application. Will there be a hiring event soon, to ensure these positions are actually filled in the New Haven area?

    1. Hi Kaela,

      Once you have submitted the application, you must wait for an email response from Yale University. We just provide the link. However, we do not assist in the actual hiring process. We are unaware of any hiring event in the aid of this process.

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