NAACP Statement On Protest


On Saturday afternoon, July 8, 2017 concerned citizens began reporting of a protest and disturbance on the New Haven Green. The NAACP New Haven branch leadership immediately reached out to the Chief of Police, the Mayor and community members to gather information, but the protest crowd had already dispersed. At this time, we are still gathering information and details, and it is necessary that we issue a statement of support and solidarity with those who stand for the freedoms of all people and with our city officials who are charged with keeping its citizens, especially its most vulnerable and disenfranchised citizens, physically and emotionally safe.

We stand firm in our commitment to break down barriers and not build walls between people, we stand against hate, and we stand for all people to have their basic needs met and to be able to thrive in their communities and country.

The Greater New Haven NAACP agrees with a sentiment that for some, especially black and brown people, living in this country has been marked by the brutality of inequity and an intense, deep seeded hatred that is America’s biggest obstacle to wearing the crown of glory toting freedom and democracy. We want a stronger nation and better world, the same as many of you.

We thank those who stand with us and are willing to sacrifice their time, energy, and efforts to retaliate against profound ignorance and remind you to be safe and grounded in nonviolent tenets that promote peace and positive change.

We plan to continue meetings with the City officials, Chief of Police, and the community to address this issue.

Yours in the struggle,

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Doris J. Dumas

Doris J. Dumas President