WTNH: ‘The State of Race:’ How do we begin the healing process?

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(WTNH) — In the weeks since George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody, one thing has become clear — this country is hurting. The question now is how do we begin to heal? On Thursday, News 8 was proud to bring you “The State of Race” — an exclusive Town Hall aimed at helping to answer that question and taking a step to bridge the racial divide.

The show brought together government and community leaders, activists and law enforcement officials to discuss how we begin the healing process.

Many of the panelists said it was hard to watch the video of Officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, but some said they weren’t surprised by Chauvin’s actions.


Like many of the guests on this Town Hall discussion, Dori Dumas has made some history in her current position as President of the New Haven chapter of the NAACP. Dumas is the first woman to hold that position since the New Haven chapter’s inception in 1917.

An Elm City native, and James Hillhouse High School and Albertus Magnus College graduate, Dumas entered the role of chapter President in the summer of 2014 saying that closing the education gap would be a primary objective during her first term.

Recently, Dumas and the New Haven chapter were involved with a drive to help black and brown communities in the city with access to PPE like masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, telling News 8, “Black and brown people matter. We want to live and be safe. We think it’s so important that everyone has a mask. Even those who can’t get someplace, purchase one that everyone has a right to be protected, everyone matters, we want our community protected.”

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